How many of you have started the sentence, “If I win the Lotto…”? The truth is, we’ve all fantasised about a life where financial stress did not exist and we could live the life we have dreamed of.

The good news is that financial freedom doesn’t have to be a fantasy. With proper training and investment, you’ll be on the path towards financial freedom in no time. If you’re on the fence about starting your journey, here are four reasons why you should consider.

1. Job Security

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that the concept of job security is fleeting. During the first month of lockdown, it’s been reported that 3 million South Africans lost their job. This devastating loss means that there are households who lost a sole income they have relied on. The flip side of this is that humans are resilient and people have looked towards side hustles and investments to help power them through the storm.

With financial independence, you’re not reliant on a salary from your employers – which could be taken away from you at any time.

2. Work/life balance

We work to provide a stress-free life for ourselves and our family. We’re so focused on this goal that our work suddenly becomes more than just a 9-5 – it overtakes your personal time. 11% of South Africans are stressed out and this mostly stems from work-related issues.

With financial independence, you’ll likely have less stress because you are no longer worried about working long hours to make enough money to survive. The extra money you make could go towards a nice vacation.

3. Early retirement

Wouldn’t you love to retire earlier than planned? Of course, you do! Many South Africans are considering leaving the workforce earlier than expected because they want to enjoy more of life – especially if they are free from financial obligations.

The average retirement age in South Africa is between 60-65 years but with the latest FIRE movement, retirement age can be as early as 40 years. So what do early retirees get up to? They have the chance to travel the world, spend more time with family or focus on cultivating their passion projects or new business ventures.

4. Entrepreneurial opportunities

Without the increasing pressure of extra financial obligations, you have the chance to pursue your dream business. While running a business will always be risky, you’ll have more funds to get started.

What does it take to be financially independent?

The general assumption is that it may take years to achieve financial freedom but with the right steps, you could achieve this goal. Riches and Beyond as taught over thousands of students how to gain financial independence through property investment. With the right mentors – like our founders – you could find yourself on a beach vacation earlier than anticipated.