Without a doubt, we can safely say that technology has been very helpful in many aspects of our lives – there’s literally an app for everything! While many of us ‘wag our fingers’ at the possibility of a heavy technological reliance, it can become quite beneficial for your business – especially within the property market.

One element of using technology to your advantage is a virtual tour, which has become more prominent throughout the years. Here’s why you should start considering incorporating it into your property business.

Saves Time

The great part about show days is probably the different people you’ll be meeting. However, realtors will tell you that ‘show days’ are often tiring. Depending on how far your offices are from the house you’re selling, you need to factor in the commute and manage the various timeslots. It’s also ensuring that between each timeslot that you have enough time to neaten the space before the next potential buyer arrives.

With a virtual tour, potential buyers have the opportunity to walk through the home from the comfort of their own home. If they are impressed with what they see, they can consider booking an actual tour with you.

Expanding Your Demographic

You’re providing an opportunity for sales that may be outside of your demographic – perhaps even outside the country. People who are moving provinces will often complain about the hassle of finding a new place to live – especially if its a place they do not know about. With a virtual tour, there’s a peace of mind that they know what they’re walking into – and you’ve taken the most challenging part of relocating and made it less stressful for them.


Whether it’s a property business (or any other business), the number one rule is to ensure that you stand out from the rest. A virtual tour is something different and may attract more potential clients.

With so many platforms available to you (again, thank you technology!) it’s now easier than ever to reach a wider audience. A few ideas to help:

  • A simple video that you share on your social media pages. Instagram is a great visual tool and is home to your Millennial market. Facebook is also one of the most used social media networks in South Africa.
  • Creating a website has become a lot easier as well. Sites like WordPress (which provides free templates) have a ton of features which will ensure you’re presenting your brand in the best way possible. Host videos on your site and share everywhere.
  • A personal touch to the video? Do a voiceover providing as much detail as possible. The video aims to have potential buyers call you with fewer questions about what the property looks like but questions regarding the next steps.


We live in unprecedented times and while you are probably doing your utmost to ensure that hygiene is to the strictest of standards, some people are still uncertain and anxious. This is a safer option for these types of buyers. If they’re hesitant to meet you physically, provide them with the option of a virtual tour. This also showcases that you have considered their safety and concerns – and maybe they’ll spread the word regarding your thoughtfulness.

While having a physical presence is great, perhaps virtual show houses are a new reality. However, there are ways you can incorporate the two. To learn more about how to navigate the property market, register for our FREE webinar today!