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Sylvia Milosevic

Hi, my name is Sylvia, a loving wife, a proud mother of two beautiful twins, a successful property investor, international speaker, life coach and a co-founder of a multi-million dollar company with over 30 000 students and their success stories which I am very much proud of!

My mission is to empower people and show them that success is something anyone can have.

I work with motivated spirits just like you that wants to focus on leaving their 9 to 5 jobs and embrace the entrepreneurial adventure

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CEO & Founder of Riches and Beyond

Sylvia Milosevic

CEO and Founder of Riches and Beyond. Professional property investor, Property mentor, International speaker, Residential property developer and Entrepreneur with a passion for helping entrepreneurs achieving financial freedom. 

Riches and Beyond was created with an idea to revolutionize the education system and empower people with education. It is about building wealth but also about the knowledge that there is so much more out there than just money.  Legacy, financial freedom, taking your life in your hands and finally have a control of your destiny by not depending on anyone but yourself.

40 000+ students, R500+ million raised for students deals,

Lives changed forever through property!