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Mentorship Questionnaire!

Riches & Beyond Mentorship Questionnaire

Student 1 - Personal Information

Home Address

Prefered Time Slot for Mentorship Calls


Let us find out more about you before embarking on your journey.
The attached questionnaire, is used to gather information regarding your property investing
experience, the market you live in and your property investing goals.
We ask that you be open to any and all suggestions made by your Mentor and that you are
honest and realistic when completing this questionnaire.

Should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email your VIP Concierges, who will
be assisting you every step of the way on your journey.


Strategy and Finance

Financial independence can mean different things to different people; however, at its
basic level what it really means is having enough money coming in every month
through passive vehicles to cover your cost of living.

As a first step it is important to understand what financial independence means to
you and your family. This will help you to create your goals and focus your efforts
during the Property Mentorship Programme.

This section will help you in not only understanding where your finances currently
stand but will also aid in your decision making over what strategy will best suit you
and aid in the achievement of your goals.

Start by thinking about what your short, medium and long-term goals are. Start with
the end in mind i.e. look at long term first and work backwards. What would you like
to achieve in the following time spans

Property Goals

What property investment strategies are you most interested in? Please tick two of the strategies below that you feel would align with your goals.

Please provide two areas in which you would like to start investing

Please answer Yes or No to the following questions regarding your chosen areas

Do you currently live in your chosen area?
Area 1
Area 2
Do you already own rental property in your chosen area?
Area 1
Area 2
Do you have any Family or Friends in your chosen area?
Area 1
Area 2

Do you currently own any investment property? If yes what do you own and in what area?

Property 1
Estimated Value
Property 2
Estimated Value
Property 3
Estimated Value
Property 4
Estimated Value
Property 5
Estimated Value

Please provide details of the following core power team members (if any)

In order for your Mentor to best help you achieve your chosen strategy they will need
some information regarding your current financial position. Please answer the
following questions openly and honestly.


Is the property where you currently reside?

Tick next to the applicable box:

If owned:

If renting:


Are you currently ~ Tick next to the applicable box:

If employed/self-employed:


Think about what seed capital you have available and enter the amounts next to
each category:

Are you subject to any of the following? Yes/No.


Financial Statement

Part 1 – Cash Flow



Part 2 – Basic Balance Sheet



Last Stretch

Your Mentor thanks you for taking the time in completing this form.

Riches and Beyond and your Mentor will treat all the information that you have supplied in the strictest confidence. We wish you all the best with your Mentorship program and your financial success.

Your Partner in Prosperity

Riches and Beyond Team!