Have you sat down and considered how you’re running your property business? Have you planned out all the tasks lined up for the upcoming month or are you going with the flow of each day? A lot of property entrepreneurs prioritise a similar goal – to profit from their portfolios. However, what sets them apart is how they attain this goal. To ensure success, they’ll all display specific qualities in their personalities:

  1. Meet the property trendsetter

It’s tempting to assume that all property investors are innovative individuals. Solving problems creatively leads to success. These investors are admired since they don’t do what everyone else is doing – they’re growing their businesses forward one step at a time. How do you become outstanding within the property space? Some investors will choose to invest in the kind of property that gives them a monthly earning. This method is still a great start but ‘the trendsetter’ or ‘the innovator’ will surely put a plan in place to diversify. If this interests you, consider investing in a multi-use development to generate a monthly income from a residential and commercial property.

How can you assess if you’re a trendsetting property entrepreneur?

Amongst others, being creative is one of ‘the trendsetter’s’ strong personality traits. They also constantly strive for perfection and welcome fear. A few examples of the ‘trendsetter’ include Google’s co-founder and CEO Larry Page, and Microsoft Co-founder Bill Gates.

  1. Meet the property researcher

Are you someone who prefers to have widespread knowledge before investing? To explore profitable areas and your possibilities with certainty? Then you are in the category of the property researcher. As a distinct property investor, the ‘researcher’ goes through all lengths to avoid risks. Their major strength is critical thinking and they enjoy solving a good problem. They first investigate all the options and possibilities before devising a solution. In property, this means doing thorough investigation on an investment property before any money is used. Some famous ‘researchers’ include Oracle Corporation co-founder Larry Ellison and well-known Amazon.com CEO Jeff Bezos.

  1. Meet the property hustler

Question: are you waiting for some opportunity to come forth or are you putting yourself out there by creating your own opportunities? Using time efficiently is something the ‘hustler’ knows all too well. If one property deal is unsuccessful, rest assured that this type of investor has three or four more prospects in line that week. Similar to the ‘trendsetter’, they’re unafraid of taking risks. The property hustler knows and values networking and will attend various events that enable them to learn and interact with people who may help them to succeed in property. Some popular ‘hustlers’ include author Zig Ziglar and Mary Kay Cosmetic’s founder Mary Kay Ash.

  1. Meet the property imitator

This type of property entrepreneur researches and studies other successful property entrepreneurs and uses their achievements as a reference to get started. Unlike a trendsetter, an imitator does this to avoid taking big risks. They’ll use similar strategies and may change a few things here and there in order to meet their aims and needs. There’s an exception though, some ‘imitators’ take risks. To give them some ‘authority’ in the market they use other proven business models and improve on them. Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg is an example of a well-known imitator.

  1. Meet the property solopreneur

Often, the assumption is that most property investors work by themselves, advising against this, our experts suggest that you form a master team. Yet, the few investors who like doing everything are considered ‘Jack-Of-All-Trades’. This is someone who singlehandedly manages finances, deals with tenants and assumes the role of marketing manager, etc. Switching between roles, they’re workaholics who are passionate about building a business – in their own way. Some ‘solopreneurs’ are Backlinko founder, Brian Dean and digital entrepreneur Neil Patel.

Do you know what type of property entrepreneur you are?

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