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Riches and Beyond was created with an idea to revolutionise the education system and empower people with education. 

It is about building wealth but also about the knowledge that there is so much more out there than just money. 

Legacy, financial freedom, taking your life in your hands and

finally have a control of your destiny by not depending on anyone but yourself.

45 000+ students, R500+ million raised for students deals,

Lives changed forever through property!

We have partnered up with South African top residential and commercial developers and created Riches and Beyond, a program that have already changed lives of many people in South Africa and is on the path to becoming international.
From total beginners and regular home owners and entrepreneurs to people willing to grow their existing property portfolio,

Riches and Beyond was developed with the expertise of professional property specialists.
Riches and Beyond is a unique tool which assist the average persons transition from being stuck in the rat race or a state of lack to “purpose discovery” that leads to “personal mastery” & financial success.


Our leading program Riches and Beyond

is not a company with the mission. 

We are a mission that has a company and we live and breathe our mission!


CEO and Founder of Riches and Beyond. Professional property investor, Property mentor, International speaker, Residential property developer and Entrepreneur with a passion for helping entrepreneurs achieving financial freedom. 

Growing up in Ga-Rankuwa, Pretoria, Sylvia is a successful businesswoman, wife and mother to beautiful twins. She developed the passion for property from her mother who built her house by herself. Her success didn’t happen overnight. When her father lost a job working for BMW after many years, her family was going thru very difficult time and faced financial struggles. That was the moment when she realised that relying on a job is not a security and a road to financial freedom. Sylvia started learning from the best property experts in the country end eventually she started seeing her own success in property. She always like to say to her students that it is never ending story in learning and if you have an opportunity to learn from the best, learn from the best. After seeing the positive impact materialise in her property investments specifically, with a higher success rate and greater returns, she decided to share her story with other investors looking to do the same.

Today, she is a partner in Riches and Beyond, a wealth creation and education business that inspires and transforms people, processes and profit. Riches and Beyond is the leading property program in South Africa which gives ordinary people opportunity to learn and start investing in property. Passionate about property, Sylvia believes that anyone can invest in property without using any of their own money. She uses her own experience to teach her students several ways of funding apart from the banks as well as 15 powerful property strategies. Her company, Riches and Beyond have gathered the top property specialists in the country with the goal of creating the property program which anyone will be able to learn and apply. As a result, Riches and Beyond,  in just few years of existence to date, have over 45 000+ students and more successful stories than any other property educational company in South Africa. Riches and Beyond has helped our students secure property developments and commercial deals and funding in the amount of over R500 000 000!

Co- Host of The Property Game dstv 176 on the Home Channel. Featured on Leadership Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Real Estate Property Investor Magazine, Business Day TV, Sabc NEWS, People Magazine, Fin24, Destiny Magazine as well as several radio stations such as Power FM, Africa Business Radio, Cape Talk. Regular contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine, Personal Finance, IOL and Biz Community, Sylvia is a true business ambassador who's message is inspiring and empowering people of South Africa.

Riches and Beyond TV Show 


The Property Game is hosted by celebrity TV host, ProVerb. In each episode he is joined by multi-millionaire property investor and mentor to aspiring property investors, Sylvia Milosevic, CEO and Head mentor of Riches and Beyond.
In this documentary series Riches and Beyond students tell their stories of how they got started in the industry. They share their journeys on their first property investment deals, we find out what led to the investor’s success, and we get first-hand insight into the highs, the lows, the challenges, and most importantly, how that deal brought the investor closer to financial freedom.
We also find out that success in property investment is not just strategy and skill. The right mindset is equally important to be successful. Over and above the property investment insights and information that is shared in the show, Sylvia and ProVerb also uses each episode to unpack valuable personal development and mindset lessons that is needed to be successful in property investment. The Property Game is not just aimed at the aspiring property investor, but also at anyone who is looking for skills and insights to be successful at life.

The Property Game dstv 176 only on The Home Channel!