We are always looking for property deals and one of the great ways to find them is to talk to an estate agent.

There are 5 specific questions in order to get property deals from estate agents.

-Do you know any motivated sellers? 

Motivated sellers are more likely to lower the price and estate agents most likely have motivated sellers in their data base.                       Once you find them it is important to know how to negotiate and know your numbers.

-Do you know someone who is relocating/emigrating?

Verry specific motivated sellers who are in the process of relocating or emigrating. Very motivated and willing to sell way below market value.

-Do you have any properties below market value?

If you come across properties below market value numbers need to make sense. Can you sell it for the higher price later, or have them cash flowing from day one?

-Do you have any distressed properties?

With distressed properties you can always negotiate the price way below market value. How about fixing the property and sell for the higher price? This is the fastest way to generate profit within 6-8 months.

-Do you have any cash flowing properties?

How about having a property that will pay for itself from day one? Cashfiowing means that rental amount of money will cover the monthly payment to the bank and on top of that will put profit in your pocket from day one! Ideally we are combining two strategies in one. Rental money is increasing every year and the value of property will increase as well. Two strategies are better than one!

Riches and Beyond has partnered up with top residential and commercial developers who specialize in several powerful property strategies.

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